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How to print PDF files or documents using your mobile phone?

If you want to print a PDF file saved on cloud storage such as OneDrive, you can easily send print it using your mobile phone. You must follow the condition of having Brother iPrint & Scan application installed on your device. In addition, your device should have the feature of accessing cloud storage and printing option.

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Prior to print a file, document, or PDF, checks the list of apps installed in your mobile. If you do not have Brother iPrint&Scan, make sure you download and install the app. Proceed thereafter.

Steps to print docs (PDF) saved on cloud storage using Brother iPrint &S can application:

  1. Tap OneDrive to launch it on your Phone’s screen
  2. A list of saved files will come up (file could be in different file formats)
  • Check the file formats supported by the app and convert it
  1. Long press to select multiple files or tap to open a single file to select file(s) from the list
  2. A thumbnail preview of the page will show up depending on selected file
  3. Choose the preferred pages from the thumbnails and continue
  4. Print preview will appear, confirm the image to proceed
  5. If you are taken to the settings and your device is showing no connected device then do as mentioned below.
  6. Tap on Settings icon
  1. Select you Brother printer (model) by clicking on the Printer Option
  2. The application will look for your network and show a list of available printers.
  3. Tap on your Printer model from the list.
  4. Tap Print icon and the printer will start printing.

Just performing above steps, you can print documents saved on cloud memory. In case you find any trouble during the process, it is suggested to call on Brother Printer Customer Service Number and the experts will help you to provide you solutions.


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